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Movers & Shakers

Two mighty men in peak physical condition(!?), Kieron ‘One Lung’ Young and Jimmy ‘Real Deal’ Beale are embarking on a journey which will take them 19,330 feet up the tallest free standing mountain in the world…….Mount Kilimanjaro.

“We are doing this Challenge in aid of the Cure Parkinson’s Trust, or as they are more hilariously known, Movers and Shakers (no joke!).”

For those who don’t know, Jimmy’s Dad was diagnosed with Parkinson two years ago and he has witnessed first hand the crippling effects it has on the control of his muscles.

Anyone who knows Mick, probably through football, knows that he is a very active man and this disease has been really debilitating. He is no longer able to referee, (some of you may be happy about that!) which he loved.

So, if you do know Mick, you will know what a great bloke he is and how much he would appreciate your generosity.

If you don’t know Mick and are just mates with us please help out the charity anyway, if you can, we know these are difficult times but it really is for a good cause.

Movers and Shakers are dedicated to finding a cure for Parkinson's, which even though Jimmy's Dad may not benefit from, others will.

The Cure Parkinson’s Trust is a patient led charity that funds research which will have an impact on the lives of people with Parkinson’s, with the hope of an eventual cure for the condition.
We are delighted to support them also on this occasion and if you would like to donate to this excellent cause you can on the link below

Once again sincere thanks and good luck.

Jimmy Beale & Kieron Young